Dunhill Hawaii


Service Experience

Service Experience

Contract No. TO No. Position Filled/Capabilities
N6274209C1161 N/A

Provide Philippine Operating Support (POS) Contract Technical Coordination and Performance Assessment Services to Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific in the Republic of the Philippines. Services are similar in scope to those provided by an Alternate Contracting Officer’s Representative (ACOR). 01 December 2008- 30 September 2011

N6274207D1119 3003

General Clerk. Provide support services to satisfy the overall objectives of the office of the Vice Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific. Required strong office skills. Must be familiar with the organization, protocol and tasks to be performed. 01 October 2007 – 01 October 2011

N6274207D1119 3001

Program Analyst. Serve as Program Analyst in the Program Support Branch. Minimum two years’ experience as Program Analyst; minimum two years’ experience with a Navy facilities management organization. 01 October 2007 – 01 October 2011

N6274207D1119 0013

Humanitarian Assistance Engineer. Work directly for the Contingency Engineer, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Pacific and independently provide support services to satisfy the overall operational objectives of the Humanitarian Assistance Program, US Pacific Command (PACOM). 08 November 2008-01 January 2009

N6274207D1119 3004

Biologist. Serves as technical consultant to Navy personnel at Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Provides natural resource documentation , including project reviews and recommendations, Memorandum of Agreement/Cooperative Agreements, drafts of correspondence and biological opinions, and PowerPoint briefings. Required: a baccalaureate degree in Biology; knowledge of the Endangered Species Act guidelines, general knowledge of recent statutory laws and Executive Orders such as the Sikes Act Improvement Amendments, Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, and Coral Reef; knowledge of ESA Section 7, and working knowledge with the flora, fauna and marine mammal resources in the Pacific Region (desired). 23 August 2010-30 September 2010

N6274207D1119 3019

General Clerk. Provides correspondence, spreadsheets, reports, and other documentation. Works in the Plan Files area. 23 August 2010-30 September 2011

N6274207D1119 3015

Accounting Clerical Services and Financial Analysis. Equivalent of Accounting Clerk III. Provides Accounting Clerk Level III services combined with analyzing financial data and information in assessing/reporting funding trends/process control; tracking funds commitments and obligatons to specific programs. 01 October 2007 – 01 October 2011

N6274207D1119 3011

Capital Improvement Program Specialist. Provides correspondence, spreadsheets, financial reports and briefing slides reflecting results of research and analysis. Provides monthly financial summary for projects and budget status. 01 October 2007 – 01 October 2011

N6274207D11119 3006

Supply Technician. Order, receives, stores, distributes and disposes of supplies and equipment. Maintains stock level of consumable office supplies. Coordinates phones moves, additional phone requirements. 01 October 2007 – 01 October 2011

W912J609D2000 7

Procurement Technician. Provides post-award contract management for purchase orders and contracts; tracks contractor performance and delivery schedules; reviews requisition packages; reviews contractor invoices; composes routine correspondence. GS-9 equivalent. 08 June 2010 – 09 June 2011

W912J609D2000 8, 10

Two Civil Engineers. Provides engineering support on systems, system elements, interfacing systems, components, devices and possesses broad knowledge of industry practices, standards and technology areas. Works as a member of a team and assists complex problems in an engineering discipline. Desired Bachelor’s degree in mechanical, or electrical engineering and a minimum of 4 years practical experience in Engineering with experience in managing military design and construction projects at military installations. 08 June 2010 – 03 Aug 2011

W912J609D2000 13

Procurement Analyst II. Provides professional support and business aid to customer, and provide support I pre-award and post-award functions (excluding negotiations), using a wide range of contracting methods and types, for complex and diversified requirements. 28 September 2010 – 27 September 2011

W912J609D2000 9, 11

Two Construction Management Assistants (CMAs). Provides construction oversight support to include inspection and construction management services. CMA monitors contractor’s performance for compliance with contract terms and conditions. Responsible for reviewing plans and specifications and ensuring the contractors are in compliance with all contract documents. Minimum 2 years’ experience in construction oversight and drafting with AutoCADD. 29 June 2010 – 03 August 2011

W912J609D2000 14, 15

Two Civil Engineers. Provides environmental technical support including cost estimating, scope of work development and drafting for contract modifications. Complete staff, review, NEPA documentation actions and all other assignments within the Hawaii Air National Guard. 01 October 2010-30 September 2011

W912J609D2000 12

Procurement Analyst III for Architect/Engineer Design and Construction. Provides professional support in pre-award and post-award functions (excluding negotiations), using a wide range of contracting methods and types, for complex and diversified architectural engineering services and construction. Analyst reviews, analyzes and makes recommendations to Contracting Officer. GS-12 equivalent with a minimum of 8 years experience. 10 August 2010 – 09 August 2011

Dunhill has a locally established office in Zone 6 at the following address; and therefore, has“ presence” in the zone.Dunhill’ s physical address is 1247 Kailua Road, Ste. D; Kailua, HI 96734, Telephone: 808-524-2550.