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Construction Professionals

We find valuable candidates to meet your engineering and construction staffing requirements.

Industry Professionals Currently Seeking Placement

CQM (808) 524-2550 or

10+ years of Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors with QC Manager, Project Manager and Project Engineer experience. Certified. B.S. Degree. Resides in Hawaii. Willing to travel. Reasonable salary.

Engineer in Training (808) 524-2550 or

Senior EIT – with 4+ years’ experience as Engineer & GIS Technician. Licensed EIT. Scheduled to take P.E. Exam in Hawaii. B.S. Degree.
Junior EIT – with 4+ years’ experience as a Structural Engineering Intern and Engineering Technician. B.S. Degree.

Estimator (808) 524-2550 or

8+ years Construction Estimating experience. Responsible for evaluating bid specifications and drawings and ensuring a successful bid to win the projects. Bid administration, project knowledge, follow up & closing, project turnover, subcontractor award and management. B.S. Degree. Resides on West Coast. Reasonable Salary.

Other Technical Candidate (808) 524-2550 or

We maintain an extensive database of qualified professionals that want to make Hawaii their home. Our candidates have extensive experience in underground, ocean, civil, structural, and military contracting construction experience.

P.E. Hawaii (808) 524-2550 or

13+ years as a Civil & Environmental Engineer. Experienced in waste management and construction. Held positions as Project Manager, Environmental Engineer, Cost Engineer, Design Engineer. Licensed. B.S. Degree. Resides in Hawaii. Willing to travel. Reasonable salary.

PMP (808) 524-2550 or

20+ years Senior Manager & Project Executive in Construction Engineering. Diverse and extensive experience in government/military, alternative energy and telecommunications. Certified. B.S. Degree. Resides in Hawaii.

Site Safety & Health Officer (808) 524-2550 or

10+ years Site experience with knowledge of federal, state and local safety regulations. Certified Health and Safety Technician (CHST) Level 5. Resides in Hawaii. Reasonable salary.

Structural Engineer (808) 524-2550 or

12+ years in design building structure experience including hotels, office buildings, parking structures, condos, commercial, retail, schools, medical facilities, military contracts and more. Resides on west coast. M.S. Degree. Reasonable salary.

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Please call us at (808) 524-2550 if you are interested in meeting our candidate(s). There is no up-front fee or retainer for simply choosing to meet with a candidate. Only after your interview and an offer is extended to our referral, would a fee apply.

If you have an open position that we did not mention, please give us a call at (808) 524-2550. We would welcome the opportunity to connect you with a candidate that will make your business succeed.